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Mitt Romney and the Republican Platform 2012 This past August, the Republicans gathered in Florida to conduct their National Convention. It was at this convention, that Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, accepted the Republican presidential nomination. The delegates of the party dedicated the days to expressing their views on America’s progression and how Mitt Romney will be able to improve the Nation. Romney, being the spokesperson of the party, clearly reflects the Republican Platform in his speech by integrating the party values of government reconstruction, becoming energy independent, and maintaining the traditional marriage concept. In his speech, Romney reiterated what the Republican Platform stressed so heavily, “restore America.” He stated that what America needs are many areas for employment, and claims to have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. He also declared that the Obama economy has crushed the middle class, burdening them with lower income, but higher health insurance premiums. Further making the situation worse is the increase in food prices, utility bills, and gasoline prices. In the Republican Platform, it declares that America will once again be the place of grand dreams if they are elected. The Platform also states their desire to lift up the middle class and small businesses, with minimized taxation, litigation, and regulation. Romney obviously displayed these key steps to help the middle class and small business, therefore, representing them in both the Platform and his speech. Additionally, in Romney’s speech, he spoke about his perspective on American energy. He believes that Obama’s assault on coal, and gas, and oil will send energy and manufacturing jobs to China. Instead, he wants to create an energy independent North America by 2020. He plans to achieve this by taking advantage of our oil, coal, gas, nuclear

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