Romero's Shirt Analysis

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Analysis of Romero’s Shirt In Dagoberto Gilb’s short story titled Romero’s Shirt, we see how one man lives a simple life and lives without many needs or desires. The main character Juan Romero, a native of Mexico, is a kind of man who is willing and able to help others when they need it without question. The main conflict Romero battles in this story is when his most favorite shirt disappears without him noticing and trying to figure out who could have been the person to steal something from someone who does nothing but help others out. Although the story is set in third person narrative, Gilb presents his readers of the theme in his story which is the beauty of simplicity and that life is not as hard as some people make it out to be in today’s…show more content…
An older man approaches Romero’s home asking if he can do some simple yard work and Romero accepts because of his awareness to these people’s needs for work. Gilb also shows the beauty of simplicity through the old man in his story. The old man only wanted to help Romero and Romero was grateful for his help. “Then Romero went inside, scrambled up enough eggs and chile and cheese for the both of them and rolled it all in some tortillas. He brought out a beer.” Gilb impeccably shows the readers of how much of a kind person Romero is to his fellow man. “The work didn’t take long so as the old man was raking up the clippings, Romero brought out a five dollar bill.” Originally, the old man and Romero had bargained on three dollars for the work, but Romero believed the man’s work was worth a little more than that. “No expenses could be so great, and is happiness was as easy as some tacos and a five dollar bill, then how stupid of him not to have offered it all this time.” Readers are shown how much of a giving man Romero really is and how happy it made him feel to give that old man more money for his simple services. Gilb really embraces the concept of showing readers that simplicity is something that could bring so much joy to others and to yourself as well and that is how Romero chooses to act towards the old
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