Romeo the Tragic Hero Essay

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Elias Eqal Romeo the Tragic Hero Romeo died for the love of his life fighting social pressure between the Montague and the Capulet, although it can be argued whether Romeo or Juliet were the tragic heroes because Juliet died for the love of her life too, I think Shakespeare intended Romeo to be it. Romeo and Juliet the iconic tragic love story takes place in Italy during the renaissance. At this time family defined political ties and social class. Born into a feud between families younger generations were taught to loathe another family without a choice in the matter. These two families were on about the same social class and one was not favored by the royal family. You see, I think Shakespeare intended to make Romeo the tragic hero due to the fact that the play was created during the renaissance, at that time men were valued much more, having a woman be a hero was almost a disgrace. Now, it would be acceptable for a woman to be a hero, that’s why when we look back it’s still a controversy, I guess anybody that argues against Romeo isn’t thinking as if they were there at that time but as if the play was written at a time like today. Romeo was obviously intended to be the hero also just because of the sequence of events in the city, he’s the one that pursued Juliet, just like a hero would go save somebody and not wait for them to come to him to be saved. Romeo was exiled from the city after killing Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin who was trying to stop Romeo and Juliet from getting together. You see, this makes Romeo seem like a bad guy because nobody believes the story. What actually happened was that Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo, he challenged him to a dual, Romeo refused to fight because he wanted to kill the bad blood between the families. After Romeo refused to fight, his best friend Marcellus decided to stand up for him and insisted on fighting, Romeo tried to

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