Romeo Must Die Analysis

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Quotes from Romeo and Juliet and Romeo Must Die Paper by Donald Rohnan The Romeo Must Die project I think will be the most memorable projects of my career for many reasons. What attracted me at first was the basic story set out by the writers, it did take me a few reads to get the Romeo and Juliet connection, but once it became clear, I was all the more eager to dig in. What we wanted was a story that was different from Shakespeare’s original, but at the same time had its vibe. There are so many films out there that deal with that forbidden love story, most inspired by that one inspirational play. So often is it used, the Romantic Comedy genre could almost be re-named the Forbidden Love genre, and we wanted something different. Han was…show more content…
One of the most important themes in Romeo and Juliet was loyalty, loyalty to family. Romeo and Juliet crossed that line when they fell in love, but both still had strong ties to their families. Many say that; blood is thicker than water, but at the same time, many also say that; loves conquers all. The question that kept running through my mind was: where will Han’s loyalties lie? When Romeo kills Tybalt right after marrying Juliet, it is clear that he is still extremely loyal to his friends and family, even though he knew that Tybalt was Juliet’s cousin. His revenge killing was one of loyalty to his friend. It is clear from the beginning that Han’s loyalties lay with his father, especially after going to prison for him. By the end of the film however, it is clear that Han’s loyalties in his family and his people were misplaced. Although sad at his father’s suicide, he feels no guilt about killing Kai. His loyalties ultimately lie with his brother Po, and by the end of the film, Trish as well. Loyalty is a huge theme in the film, by the end when all is revealed, it is clear that Isaac’s trust in Mac is misplaced after his plain betrayal. Mac’s need for power and money overpowers his loyalties to Isaac and his
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