Romeo & Juliet versus Romeo + Juliet (1996) Essay

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Romeo + Juliet (1996) is a film directed by Australian director Baz Luhrmann, based on the original tragedy by William Shakespeare. Baz Luhrmann has adapted this play into a modern action blockbuster through the use of different adaptive, cinematic and modernising techniques. Some of which include Americanisation, sexualisation which among others, leads us in a direction to question some of the very morals that exist in our own society. Baz Lurhmann has changed the themes of the original play to make Romeo & Juliet more appropriate for modern audiences through the use of different adaptive techniques. Examples of these techniques include how he has adapted the themes of love and hatred, both adapted in such a way as to suit 21st century youths. The most drastically altered theme to suit the audiences of today is love. Love today, by the way it is conveyed through the media is very sexual and physical. In the film, the most appropriate means of showing this love is through this ‘contact’. It is a very direct means of showing the level of intimacy that exists between the two characters, but also very appropriate when adapting from the original play. Similarly, Luhrmann has adapted the theme of hatred and violence by applying it ub a situation that could happened today. The use of guns as weapons (instead of the original swords) along with the sexualised love allowed for the film to be made as an action blockbuster. These adaptations both appealed and appalled, the major divide being age. The use of cinematic techniques including fast paced action sequences, low lighting and dramatic soundtrack was too much for some but engaging for others. Through the use of these techniques a new generation has gained an insight into the world of Shakespeare, however the accuracy of Luhrmann’s adaptation is debateable. One of the most distinctive features of a Shakespeare play

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