Romeo & Juilet Essay

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Wouldn't it be nice if everyone loved each other in this world? In a loving world where there would be no arguing, fueds, or conflicts. In this world there will be some hatred but you will always overcome that. You can learn off of what you did and didn’t do. In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, this story is about love and tragedy between two families. The play Romeo and Juliet is very well known in numerous countries all around the world. This play was written to entertain people, and William Shakespeare has numerous of very well known plays. I blame several people in the story there is lots of people in this story who were being selfish, and ignorant. The Montague’s family was enemy with the Capulet’s family, they would fight every time they sees each other. If they didn't really disliked each other Romeo wouldn't have killed Tybalt and Romeo would have killed himself. If the Montague’s family wasn’t enemy with Capulet’s then no one would have died and Romeo and Juliet would be happily married. When Tybalt got killed Benvilo saw Romeo kill Tybalt. They weren’t unkind and mean to Capulet’s family, if they just held back there anger nothing would of happen. The Reason for all this was that, they just hated Capulet’s family. I think this family should put their differences aside and get along together. Capulet’s family was the main reason they started fighting. First of all the nurse could prevented from all this tragedy, if she would just tell the both family what happened then, the two family would have arranged something and probably have a good relationship. This family did evil things when they saw Montague’s family. Every one saw Capulet’s family fighting all the time even the prince. This family was really unkind, they broke the law and did thing to the Montague’s family, harmless people and to the society. The reason they were so mean and

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