Romeo and Julliet and Poems by Larkin

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Clayton Pereira Write about the way relationships between men and women Are presented in Romeo and Juliet and a selection of poetry by Philip Larkin. Introduction People regard Romeo and Juliet as a stereo typical romantic love story. In certain ways it does conform to expectations of love for example the famous balcony scene. The setting is peaceful, dark and romantic with references to light. However Shakespeare also shows attitudes towards relationships between men and woman weren’t straight forward in Elizabethan England. He opens the play with references to fighting and arguing this introduces us to young men who see women as an inferior sex. Larkin also writes about relationships between men and women, but in contrast to Shakespeare the mood of his poems are negative, disillusioned, regretful, disappointed and very bleak and lonely. Context The play is set in Verona in northern Italy in the Elizabethan era. In the Elizabethan society women were expected to be under the control of men-their fathers or other male members of the family. Women needed their fathers approval to marry. In wealth family’s the father usally decided on who his daughters married. The society was very patriarchal men were the most powerful members, women was regarded as the weaker sex not just physically but mentally . Women were always under the control and protection of the male whom was considered the head of the household. In this society men were expected to behave in an aggressive ways to prove their masculinity. Society was competitive and violent. Men were expected to be arrogant and proud also expected to behave aggressively to protect their dignity. We see this with Sampson and Gregory in act one For example Sampson son says “My naked weapon is out : quarrel, I will back thee.” This language is very sexually suggestive and bawdy as this was the way that
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