Romeo and Juliets Love or Lust

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Shakespeare uses juxtaposition to show love does not have a specific form in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses juxtaposition in the beginning of the play to show love does not have a specific form. In the beginning of the play Romeo is upset because a girl he likes has taken to a life of chastity. Many people argue Romeo is @#$% at the beginning of the play but he is not. If Romeo was @#$% then he would have forgotten about Rosaline right away and moved on, but he does not. He mourns the loss of her and says he will never be the same. Readers are judging him with the right ideas but for the wrong reasons. Romeo is a 16 years old boy, of course he wants to get in a girls pants. Romeo has a remarkable ability to give his heart to whom he desires most. Looking at Romeo’s chastity predicament it is clear to see why he made the choice. He is on a hormonal frenzy, he will never sleep with anybody if he marrys Rosaline and chastity means no kids. Romeo loves Rosaline but the sacrifices would be to great. Then later in the story Romeo is seen, having the same reactions for Juliet as Rosaline, threatening to kill himself and claiming to be in damnation. Romeo and Juliet is considered a classic love story, true love at it’s best. Shakespeare puts Rosaline and Juliet next to each other to show they receive the same reactions despite the difference in circumstances. Love does not have a specific shape and it’s not different for Romeo and
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