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Romeo and Juliet Zen Zen Zo’s re-enactment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet enhances the meaning of the play for those who may not understand the complex language. Zen Zen Zo’s version of this loved tragedy uses three main elements; movement, space and time, to create meaning and engage young audiences. The tragedy tells the story of two young teenagers who fall in love, but can never be together as their families are feuding. The pair end up marrying in secret and lying to their families but their fates are sealed, ultimately resulting in both their deaths. Movement is one of the elements used effectively within this performance, as the actors used all areas of the stage creatively to enhance the meaning of the play. Both abstract and realistic movement is used in the scenes. An example of abstract movement is seen when Romeo and Juliet first meet; in this scene they circled each other as they talked., Tthis in a way is abstract movement as it is not necessarily something people do in real life, but Zen Zen Zo used the circling to represent confronting an enemy and falling in love . Another example of movement is seen at the start of the performance, where the actors are getting ready for school. This element was used efficiently .to identify their actions. Space is used many times in Zen Zen Zo’s re-enactment of Romeo and Juliet, to enhance the meaning of the play. Aat the party, for example, the actors move around like the place is crowded but in reality there is only the three of them. This is quiet cleaver as it gives the illusion of others being there, allowing the audience to identify where the actors are and what is happening. Zen Zen Zo also uses space in the balcony scene just after Romeo and Juliet have met. The two characters face opposite directions so the audience can see their faces, but through the use of levels, it is made clear that

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