Romeo and Juliet: Why Is Act 1, Scene V so Interesting? Essay

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Out of shadows, by COSTA award winning author Jason Wallace is a politically motivated novel set in Zimbabwe that follows an innocent boy by the name of Robert as he finds himself in a new and unknown land. Although most of what shapes the plot of the story comes from the experiences of Robert, many other more minor characters also play an important role in forming Robert as a person and influencing the different actions that he makes, and because of this the role they play is significant. These characters include; Nelson, Ivan and Weekend. Nelson is a very perceptive character and helps to shape the novel by giving Robert insight on what it means to be a compassionate and understanding person. Ivan plays an important role in this novel as he tries and to some extent succeeds in fundamentally changing the way the Robert thinks and acts. Weekend could be considered one of the most important characters in the novel as he is the person that allows Robert to realise that what he is doing is wrong, and effects the lives of others in an earth shattering way. Nelson is an integral character in influencing Robert because as at the beginning on the novel Robert looks up to Nelson as a person of reason. Nelson presents himself to be a very insightful character as he understands that “wars are about putting an end to a wrong, not making a new one”. This line of thinking is passed onto Robert and likely has an effect on the reasoning behind the actions of Robert in the later parts of the book. Even after Ivan and his friends call Nelson a “stinking chocolate face”, “terrorist” and an “effing gook”, Nelson believes that they are only doing this because “the war only ended three years ago” “and it can take time to forget”. When Ivan and his gang throw Nelson into the pit and throw the scorpions onto him, although Robert does not full take part in the bullying, he is a bystander

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