Romeo and Juliet vs Wuthering Heights

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1. Romeo and Juliet a novel that was written by William Shakespeare. This novel was published during the Renascence period; the renascence period was a time period where most women only married for such a thing as “higher power, political reasons and wealth”. The novel was set on the themes such as love (or forbidden love you could say) and tragedy. This is similar to Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights. Emily published her novel during the Victorian time where women also married for “higher power, political reasons and wealth “. Both novels Romeo and Juliet are similar due to the fact that their main story lines are based on love and tragedy. However both tales are full of such powerful emotions as well as one of them being love. They both have a lot in common such as the forbidden love between two star- crossed lovers, also most characters from both novels share common roles and similar emotions such as the tragic loss of some of the characters for example when Romeo thinks that he has lost his beloved Juliet or when Heathcliff loses Cathy. 2. In Romeo and Juliet, both characters display their true love and emotions for each other using “natural imagery” because when Romeo and Juliet are together or away from home they both can display how they truly feel for example the balcony scene is the only place Juliet could be her true self and express how she truly feels towards Romeo also the balcony scene is almost a place where Juliet can escape into because that is the only place where she can show her real feelings. This is similar to Wuthering Heights because the only place Cathy can be herself is when she is with Heathcliff or at the heights. The Heights is a place of “natural” earthiness also is one of the only place Cathy can display her true feelings towards Heathcliff. Both Juliet and Cathy cannot speak of their emotions within their home which therefore
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