Romeo and Juliet......Good vs Evil Essay

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ROMEO AND JULIET Good vs. Evil Discuss how the motif is seen throughout Romeo and Juliet. There are many motifs in Romeo and Juliet but one of the most influencial and reoccuring ones is "Good vs. Evil." "Part fools-Benvolio" "Turn thee, Benvolio; look upon thy death-Tybalt"(1.1) These quotes show that Benvolio,good, is trying to keep the peace but the fiery Tybalt,evil, is just starting up the fight again. "Tybalt the kinsmen to old Capulet, hath sent a letter to his father's house Romeo will answer it.-Benvolio" Here Tybalt is trying to start something with the nonviolent Romeo demonstrates the Good vs. Evil motif. Tybalt and Mercutio are always getting in Romeo's head. This does not allow Romeo to focus/see Juliet which may and probably will cause Romeo's depression which may contribute to Romeo's suicide. "Nay gentle Romeo, we must have you dance.-Mercutio" "Not I, believe me.-Romeo" Here Good vs. Evil is demonstrated because Mercutio, even though he is a Montegue like Romeo, is pressuring Romeo to do something that may not have been good at the time. This backs up my statement that throught the play, Mercutio and Tybalt are trying to get in Romeos head. "Thou, wretched boy, that didst consort him here, shalt with him hence.-Tybalt" This is the scene where Mercutio and Tybalt get in a fight and when Romeo is trying to stop them, the hate for each other(Good vs. Evil) had them continue fighting and eventually had Mercutio killed. This quote then descriibes the afterward of that fight when Romeo fight his cousin-in law Tybalt killing him resulting in Romeo's banishment. This last quote is a very special one because it shows the result of Good vs. Evil. "This letter doth make good the friar'swords, their coursenof love, the

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