Juliet Speech: Romeo And Juliet

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Citizens of fair Verona, today, we are gathered here to grieve the losses of two precious lives, two star-crossed lovers who were willing to sacrifice their young lives for love, due to their families’ ancient grudge. Romeo Montague, a young, sensitive man, and Juliet Capulet, a beautiful thirteen-year old girl. Although fate has already accomplished its deed, we will always remember their legacy. Romeo- He was my cousin, my friend. A handsome and intelligent man, he was often impulsive and immature, he was a passionate person, often talking about love, his only interest. He was determined and defiant. He was born into a society that was engrossed in hatred, and he was often lonely. I watched him grow up, from an impulsive young man into…show more content…
It is love against the odds, he was not even supposed to meet Juliet, let alone fall in love with her. They are, however, powerless in their situation due to their families’ feud- at least not until they die. Their deaths show the power of love, where you would go to extreme measures in order to show your love. Due to the conflict between two families, the hate ended up in the loss of two beautiful young lives. May this example serve as a warning that hate is an ugly thing, an ugly thing that will result in unnecessary losses. So today, as we gather here to say goodbye to our lovers, we pray that the two families will end their feud and live their lives peacefully. We will never forget them, they have taught us so much about love, courage, the consequences of divided societies. They were the bravest and most defiant people I ever knew. Together, they defied society, they defied conflict and he defied death for love. May you rest in peace, Romeo and Juliet. They may be gone physically from this world, but the memories of them, the beautiful memories of their love, their happy moments, their willingness to sacrifice anything in order to be together, will live on forever. They will always be remembered by us, the courageous, young lovers who could only be together in

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