Romeo And Juliet Disastrous Decisions Analysis

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With proper guidance, experience, and wisdom comes wise decisions, without these comes regretful ones. Lack of knowledge often leads youth to act hastily resulting in disastrous outcomes, as shown in Romeo and Juliet by many characters. First of all Tybalt shows signs of one who makes decisions based on honour and also his ego. While Juliet represents a youth who makes decisions based on her wants and needs. Also Mercutio demonstrates youth who make decisions with the mind set that they are invincible. To Start Tybalt makes decisions with the mind set that he is to honour his name and also himself, he acts before he thinks. “ Why art though drawn among these heartless hinds?/ Turn thee, Benvolio look upon thy death”( I.I.60-61 ). Often…show more content…
“Three words, dear Romeo, and a goodnight indeed./If they bent of love be honourable/Thy propose marriage, send me word tomorrow”(II.ii.142-144) After only mere hours of knowing Romeo, Juliet writes off her hand in marriage. Juliet hastefully makes the decision to get married without thinking of the outcomes. Juliet ignores the fact that Romeo and her family are enemies, and makes a choice based on what she personally wants. Also, when faced with the issues her secret marriage caused, one sees Juliet act even more as a child and her quick fix mind set causes the biggest disaster of the play. Speaking to the Friar Lawrence of the suggestion to use dead/undead poison, Juliet replies, “Give me, give me! O tell me not of fear”(IV.iv.121) One can see that Juliet is a quick, and not so thought out thinker when she is desperate. “What if it be a poison which the friar/subtly hath minister’d to have me dead/Lest in this marriage he should be dishonoured/Because he married me before to Romeo?/I fear it is, and yet me thinks it should not?”(IV.iii.24-28) Momentarily one can see that Juliet does think of consequences, but she always lets herself believe that everything is for the best. She easily convinces herself that it all will work out in the end. Thought when things do not work out and Juliet finds Romeo dead, she abruptly makes the decision to kill herself. Juliet’s unguided decisions caused the biggest disaster of the play and shows the mistakes made by a youth who acted before
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