Romeo And Juliet Civil Brawls

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Kingly Comments As many of you know the Capulet’s and Montague's have caused three civil brawls in Verona prior too today. However the brawl that started mid day today ended up in the loss of 2 lives, the fiery Tybalt for the Capulet’s, and the witty Mercutio who is kinsmen to the prince. I Myself saw the fight from the start, Tybalt cam forth to Mercutio seeking Romeo, Mercutio didn’t know where Romeo was but moments later Romeo came barrelling into the square shouting for Mercutio. Tybalt excused himself from Mercutio, thus turning towards Romeo, within seconds Tybalt shamed Romeo’s name calling him a “villain.” I have come to assume that Tybalt is still angered that Romeo came to the Capulet ball. Romeo quickly replied that
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