Romeo And Juliet Civil Blood Analysis

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Civil blood makes civil hand unclean. Each person in the play has Romeo and Juliet’s blood on their hands. They all contributed to their deaths even just by speaking a few words to them. No one was innocent. Everyone was to blame but the three men I hold most reasponsable are friar Laurence, Lord Capulet and Tybalt. They are the ones that drove Romeo and Juliet to their death beds. Why was friar Laurence reasponsable? Being a friar he was a man of god but didn’t act like he should have. He wed Romeo and Juliet before telling Lord and Lady Capulet or Lord and Lady Montague. He kept his mouth shut about what he had done, but when Romeo went to him and told him about their planes he thought about how it might end the fued if somebody told them. Knowing that…show more content…
Lord Capulet told him to leave Romeo alone hearing that he was a good boy and this angered Tybalt. He exposed Romeo in a matter of minutes and his friends. He always riminded Lord and Lady Capulet about how much he hated and didnt trust the Montagues. Even when he was alone he cause trouble with them. In the streets when Romeo and his friends were walking he couldn’t stand his pride being hurt at the party so he started a fight by making fun of Mercutio. He got mad very quickly and the two drew swords. In the end Tybalt killed Mercutio and this upset Romeo even more. At first he didnt want to fight Tybalt because now by marriage they were related but Tybalt didnt know that but at the sight of his dying friend Romeo killed Tybalt in an instant. The result of that was Romeo had been banished for murdering Tybalt. Even when dead Tybalt became a burden. When Romeo was banished he could no longer see Juliet and she went to the Friar to seek answers. Tybalt would have been happy that his death had caused the death of a Montague but I think he would have felt a little guilt for the death of his young
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