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Romeo And Juliet And Macbeth Essay

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  • on March 4, 2012
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In Shakespeare's plays, tragic heroes are not ordinary men, but men with outstanding quality
Aristotle suggests in his definition of a tragedy that the downfall and destruction of the protagonist and tragic hero is due to a character flaw combined with a certain set of circumstances which causes them to act a certain way. I will now examine to what extent the two plays comply with his theory. A tragic hero or heroine should have admirable qualities, which encourages the audience to pity them.

Romeo and Juliet are likeable characters in the play, young and caught up in a web of love, which the audience may feel that they can relate to. The story line of 'Romeo and Juliet' is also very gripping. This is because of the fact that it is love at first sight and the play was made to build up sympathy in the audience, and during the course of 'Romeo and Juliet' the love between Romeo and Juliet is a hard situation for the both of them. Already at the start the families of Romeo and Juliet are ancient rivals and enemies, but if that wasn't hard enough Romeo was banished from Verona. Juliet is unable to visit him because her father, Lord Capulet, is possessive, and she has to ask for leave if she is to exit the Capulet household. In the days in which the play Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare different views where set on marriage and how people where treated. Her father treats Juliet throughout the play as a possession. Juliet is told exactly whom she is to consider marrying and she isn't expected to disagree with the choices made. Again this brings about sympathy, but even more sympathy in the modern day because in those days people accepted the ways that people were treated. Also women where expected to have children and be married by the early teenage years which is very different to now. At the beginning of the play Romeo's attitude to love was almost childish, the lady Roselyn he felt was the woman of his dreams and he had hardly ever spoken to...

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