Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

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Essay: ROMEO AND JULIET (Act 1 scene 5) The play Romeo and Juliet is about two stars - crossed lovers and their high class families. Two families that are both alike in status. It is set in one of America’s famous and busiest cities New York and is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It is considered a tragedy because the two most main characters in the play die. The two main characters in the play are Romeo and Juliet whereas there are other main characters in the play such as Mercutio who is Romeo’s best mate, Benvolio who is Romeo’s best mate and cousin. Tybalt who is known as the king of cats and is Juliet’s cousin. Juliet’s nurse who brought her up. Not forgetting, Romeo and Juliet’s parents Mr and Mrs Capulet as Juliet’s parents and Mr and Mrs Montague as Romeo’s parents. In a Shakespearean tragedy the characters always die at the end. These two families The Capulet and the Montague are the worst enemies in the city. Their enmity is ancient, however the play was originally set in Verona Italy and was performed at the Global Theatre which meant that it the one the most important plays ever and was performed during the day. The scene I am directing is a grand party at the Capulet. In this scene Romeo risks his life to come to his foes party. The party will be set in a ball room with white lights on the ceiling. The guests will be mostly teenagers, and the dress code will be pretty dresses either short or long. I would like to show that the party is a high class party with waiters serving drinks and cocktails. Guests in the party will be wearing masks to give it a special effect. This is the party where Romeo first sees Juliet and says:”o, she doth teach the torches to burn bright.” Romeo is acting very love sick and romantic; he is trying to say that Juliet stands out of everyone else. The word ‘torches’ means that she lights up
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