Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Part I 1. The sources of tension in the first scene are twp servents who are apart of the Capulets and two of the Montagues. They are disappointed and upset because the Capulets and Montagues have a history of hating eachother so much. In this scence two of the Capulets start a fight. 2. Romeo describes the women he loves by complementing her by comparing her to the Roman goddess Diana. The roman goddess is beauiftul, and in the book Romeo says “O she is rich in beauty, only poor that when she dies, with beauty dies her store.” The sad part about this quote is how it explains how the women he loves cannot have babies, so therfore wont be able to see the beauty with her own babies. 3. The nurse and Juliet have a good bonding relationship. She was the one who breastfed Juliet, which made their relationship really close. The nurse was practically her mother, because she basically raised her. She has gained Trust and confidence by her family. 4. Benvolio and Mercutip are Romeo;s friends. Their plan is to get Romeo into going to the ball. They want him to get over Rosaline for awhile and just have fun and forget about her. Even after Romeo says he does not want to attend, he ends up going because his friends forced him. 5. When Romeo see's Juliet he is left speechless with her beauty. He falls in love with her and her beauty and makes him forget about Rosaline. He also compares her beauty to”a jewel hanging from cheek of an Ethopian” Part

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