Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Although the quotation suggests that the inevitability was tragic it can be debated to whether it was truly tragic or are the ‘star-crossed lovers’ finally together? Another implication made from the quotation is that the hero is male (‘his fate’) excluding Juliet from the role of the hero, which again can be argued as from a feminist’s point of view Juliet is seen as the ultimate hero defying her father by not marrying Paris and being an independent woman who has thoughts and opinions and is tired of being in a ‘role of women’; Shakespeare played Juliet as a very strong character who’s independence can be claimed to have been what caused the death of the young lovers relating to the inevitability of Romeo and Juliet as the lovers were destined for death due to Juliet’s prevailing personality. Looking at the psychoanalytical theory Juliet’s powerful desire for Romeo was almost immediate possibly because her repression given by her father made her want to defy him and become her own person. Inevitability is first introduced in the prologue where is states that ‘a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life’ already the audiences are aware that the fate of the two protagonists is destined, the Shakespearean audience would have seen this as tragic but true because fate was believed to have been ‘written in the stars’ and for the lovers to be ‘star-crossed’ highlighted that their fate was sealed whereas a current day audience may have seen the prologue as a faulted truth due to the fact that many individuals at the present believe in coincidences not destiny, therefore the prologue could be seen as a something which has been written by Shakespeare to create tension and suspense waiting to see when the two lovers will take their life; for the protagonists to be ‘star-crossed’ suggests that their paths meet unexpected to them but had always been planned for them

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