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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet are referred to as star-crossed lovers, according to Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet where meant to be together due to fate or because of their own actions. Star-crossed means a predetermined destiny, just like Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare want us to know if it was the lovers’ willfulness or it was that they were actually star crossed lovers. People that have read Shakespeare will think differently from ones beliefs, as of believing they were not meant to be together but they were just doing their own actions. Romeo and Juliet were both from different families. Each family holding a grudge on the other for a reason. Juliet was part of the Capulets while Romeo was part of the Montague. Each having the same penalty if there is a relationship between families, death. The day Romeo kissed Juliet, he didn’t know about Juliet being a Capulet, which brought Romeo and Juliet one step closer to their death for love. It was because Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers that they are together forever and ever. When Romeo went to the ball with his cousin he saw a beautiful young girl from across the room. Romeo made his move with Juliet and kissed her still not knowing she was a Capulet. Romeo and Juliet both enjoyed the kiss. The fact that Romeo went to the ball was fate, it was always fate for Romeo and Juliet to meet. Maybe Romeo and Juliet did have some willfulness. Romeo could’ve stop committed suicide for Juliet. Although he didn’t know it was a plan from Juliet to seem dead, Romeo could have not killed himself, because suicide is a big deal. Same thing goes for Juliet. Not only that she also committed suicide as well but she could’ve stopped from having a plan to seem dead. If she didn’t do that then Romeo and Juliet would both probably been together on earth. Maybe it wasn’t fate that they kill themselves but that they

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