Romeo and Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is a play based on two teenagers who fall in love not realizing the ongoing feud between their two families. The beginning of the play, calls out Romeo and Juliet as star- crossed lovers, who take in numerous advice and choices that create the feeling of success having to be fate. They seek help from Friar Lawrence, known as a wise priest in the streets of Verona and Juliet’s nurse, who has a lot of experience with married life. However, they end up not following the words given to both Romeo and Juliet themselves. Meanwhile the two of them face many unpleasant consequences. The incidents enclosing their situation depend on the bad choices and advices given to Romeo and Juliet that led to their death. In my opinion, the way choices are made are by the resulted achievement for an option. For instance, the choice of Romeo meeting Juliet at her balcony was done just so Romeo can speak out his love to Juliet. However, it is known as a bad choice because of several reasons. First, these poor and quick decisions caused many difficulties and troubles in their families. After all, fast decisions do not end up successfully, as demonstrated in this play. In addition, if someone were to see Romeo and Juliet together it could have caused a huge problem. In fact, this decision made by them is one of the reasons why their love was led to a tragic ending. Advice can either be viewed as bad or good. In terms of the play “Romeo and Juliet”, the nurse advising Juliet to marry Paris is an example of bad advice. In fact, she just got married to Romeo, who she loved from deep inside her heart, therefore she would never even dream of a second marriage. This advice led to many different problems in the story such as depression, lack of support in their relationship and love for one another, and Romeo and Juliet’s death. On lines 224-226, in Act

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