Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Explore the ways Shakespeare presents and develops tension in Verona Romeo and Juliet is a play about love. It’s about how two ‘star cross’d lovers’, are caught in the middle of a family feud and how the tensions caused by the feud between their two families leads to their tragic deaths. The play is set in Verona, with an ancient quarrel existing between the two families, Romeo and Juliet the two young people from each family fall in love ,their love ends in their deaths and which finally brings an end to the feud between the families and represents the power of fate. Shakespeare in the begining potray of Romeo and Juliet;s love was out of place in the violent and worldly streets of Verona.The street fight that breaks out between the feuding families show how bitter the dispute is. The first appearance of Tybalt show him as one who enjoys a fight.Tybalt:”have at thee coward”. Shakespeare uses the contrast of fights and feud and hate and love between two people of the feuding family. At the beginning of the play there are tensions shown in Verona. In the prologue Shakespeare establishes this tension between the two feuding households. Shakespeare uses language features and dramatic structure to dramatise this tension in “fair Verona”. Shakespeare uses the prologue to tell us the story in advance. This knowledge of what is to come allows the audience an overview of the future actions of Romeo and Juliet: we can see right from the prologue that they are doomed to fail - in this life at least. The prologue tells us the death of the “star crossed lovers” is the only way their “parents rage” will end. The fact that the prologue is using complex sentences could illustrate their lives of the different households. The complex sentences are a symbol of the anger between the households. The running battle between the families establishes the notion of the family

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