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Romeo and Juliet Outline l. Shakespeare’s Drama Shakespeare shaped the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet so that each character plays a role that results in the tragedy. Those characters might be minor, main, round, or static characters. However, characters from either sides of Romeo or Juliet contributed to the death of the protagonists. II. Characters in the story: A. Mercutio: 1. Events of Mercutio: Mercutio got involved in many important events that especially led to Romeo’s death. His hatred to the Capulets had him fight with Tybalt, which led to his death. Romeo killed Tybalt in another duel and had to leave the city. 2. Traits: Mercutio is a type of Round character with many different traits. he is a playful person, always getting himself involved in fights with the Capulets. Mercutio’s characteristics were a major cause to his death. B. Lord Capulet: 1. Actions: Lord Capulet might have been the most influential person resulting in the tragedy. His only important action was forcing Juliet to marry Paris. Once Juliet found herself in that position, she threatened to kill herself. 2. Traits: According to Lord Capulet’s action, forcing Juliet into marriage, we can conclude that he prefers maintaining his position between people on his daughter’s happiness. III. Death of the Protagonists: A. The protagonists themselves contributed the most towards their death. Their love towards each other could have changed every event in the story if it was announced in public. B. Weather main or minor, all of the characters in the story contributed to the tragedy, the death of Romeo and

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