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Jesse Winters Mrs. Sears Honors English- 2 6 December 2012 Where Will Your Fate Lead You Each person has his tragic flaw, just as in the works of Shakespeare. Humanity is also on course, a course led by fate. The main idea in Romeo and Juliet seems to revolve around tragic flaw, most importantly when Romeos downfall is brought upon his tragic flaw. The main idea in Macbeth could be perceived as ambition leading others to commit crimes to reach a certain rank in society. These two ideas are similar in the way that one’s ambition can be his tragic flaw as well. So it’s not surprising that when Macbeth and Romeo are introduced, that the reader could hypothesize what might lead to their downfall. Romeo and Macbeth are both fated to fall; however, Romeo’s tragic flaw is his impulsiveness, and Macbeth’s is his vaulting ambition. Fate can be described as the development of event outside any human’s control. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Montague, fate is foreshadowed in the prologue. Leading to the foreshadowing of his fate, the prologue gives background information on the story. “A pair of star cross’d lovers take their life…” (R&J, prologue.6). This supports the thesis because it acquaints the reader with the fact of the star cross’d lovers taking their lives, with the star cross’d lovers being Romeo and his wife. As the thesis said that Romeo was fated to fall, this quote can be used to prove the thesis. In the same way, Macbeth’s fate foreshadows his downfall. In Macbeth , Macbeth’s fate is also foretold before his fall by three apparitions who were brought upon by the three witches. While meeting with them for the third time, Macbeth orders the witches to let him see the apparitions. The first two told him of who he should be aware of, and the third apparition was a bloody baby with a crown and it said, “Macbeth shall never

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