Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Analysis Romeo and Juliet is more than just a tragic love story when you look through the mythological lens. The mythological lens explains that no matter how the story goes, who is in the story, or what it’s about there are certain assets remain the same, like the hero’s journey. Digging down at details helps you realize that there’s more to it than what you first read. The mythological shows that Romeo isn’t just a love-sick Shakespearean character, he’s a hero. The first part in Romeo’s heroic journey is paradise. His paradise is he meeting the love of his life. Romeo shows up to a Capulet party and notices Juliet and her overwhelming beauty. Soon he talks and kisses Juliet. Later that night they express their love for each other and promise to marry. The next day he makes Juliet his wife even though there is a conflict of the two houses hating each other. Yet Romeo is content, married, and happy at how his life is. Romeo’s heroic journey leads him to a brawl. Tybalt, now Romeo’s “secret” cousin, challenges him to a sword fight, and he is dazed with love and doesn’t fight. Mercutio takes his place by fighting Tybalt, which leads to his death. Romeo knows Mercutio died because he didn’t fight, so he battles Tybalt and kills him. Romeo’s punishment was banishment. Romeo isn’t sure on how Juliet will feel about him killing her cousin, but for reassurance Juliet sends him a ring. Rings symbolize something that is continuous, and in the story it showed unending love and a promise to be with each other forever even though Romeo is banished. Act III. Iii. 142-143; 164-165 The heroic journey takes Romeo to banishment. He is out of town and has to depend on others for information. He learns Juliet, his faithful wife, is dead and buried in her family’s grave. Romeo’s paradise, everything he wanted, is gone. He was planning to eventually sneak back

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