Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Garcia, Melissa English 1-2 Ms. Montano November 19 ,2012 Have you ever made a decision without thinking twice about it or being rational? Well in Romeo and Juliet some of the decisions they made changed their lives juristically and effected their future because of their reasoning and circumstances. When it comes to decision making it is a very difficult process because there are so many options and sometimes you don’t know exactly what the outcome of the decision will be. Romeo and Juliet made many choices throughout this period of their life that they were together and some weren’t thought through. In Act one , Scene two when the Capulet servant that was given the guest list to the Capulet’s feast couldn’t read and accidentally bumped into Romeo and Benvolio in the streets he asked if they can help him. Romeo helped him, when he was reading it to the servant he reads Rosaline’s name and decides to go secretly to the feast. Romeo made the decision that he wanted to go to the feast to see Rosaline but met Juliet in the process. This was fate, If the servant had not bumped into Romeo he would’ve never gone to the feast and he would of never met Juliet. This decision affected others in the way that Tybalt was disturbed that Romeo was at the feast and that caused tension between Tybalt and Lord and Lady Capulet. Also, it affected Juliet in the way that she was supposed to be mingling with Count Paris not Romeo. Alternatives for this decision could be that he could of decided not to go to the feast to seek for Rosaline or decide not to stay at the party long enough to the point where he would have never set his eyes on Juliet. I believe that Romeo chose to do this because he wanted to see his “Great Love” Rosaline. If I was to be in the same position as Romeo, I to would have gone to the party to see the girl I

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