Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and juliet lines capulet: welcome Ladies!!!! Lets Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people dance to second capulet) sit with me broham because if we dance we will pull a groin. How long has it been since we got jiggy with it 2nd capulet 30 years capulet: no way bro it couldnt have been more that 25 2nd capulet: it was more im sure his son is old almost 30. capulet: really his son was still a youngen two years ago Romeo: (to serving man) who dat foxy lady serving men: idk but shes a beut Romeo: wow shes a hot mama never seen any on as beautiful as her. Tybalt: what the fruit was that, that sounds like a montague how dare he come to the party imma pop a cap in him get my rpg HO!!!! capulet: whats going on tybalt: that boys a monague dangit capulet: is it romeo tybalt: yeah little muther trucker romeo capulet: let him be tyby this partys bummpin and i swear to god if you mess this up uhhuh imma be ticked. Tybalt: well thats alotta bologna and im not feeling it. I got one word for you uncle Come on. Capulet: This my party, my house my rules you aint got no jay tybie, so if you dont like it you can kiss my butty Tybalt:... come on uncle lets go kick some montague buty capulet: tybie stop being a little school girl Tybalt: what are they gonna say its in my skin Capulet. But Romeo better know im gonna get his butty Romeo: Man o man boy do i want to kiss you on the face. Girl you know im not worthy for you Juliet: you naughty boy you know i want you and i have the lips of an angle Romeo: Lets get it on baby. Kiss juliet: ahh heck no i shoud not hace just done that. Romeo: well who cares lets kiss again Juilet: dang romy your good nurse: juliet get your little buns in here Romeo: whos her mother Nurse: her mother is the great lady of the house! I have been nursing the girl that you just

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