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Romeo and Juliet Summary The Capulets and Montague family start a gun fight, which is joined by Benvolio (Montague) and Tybalt (Capulet). Captain Prince, the Chief of Police reprimands the families, warning them that if such behavior continues, their lives "shall pay the forfeit of the peace". Meanwhile Fulgencio Capulet, father of Juliet is eager for Dave Paris, son of the Governor, to marry his daughter Juliet and arranges a party to be celebrated later that night. The Montague boys meet their friend, Mercutio, who has tickets to the Capulet party. Romeo takes an Ecstasy pill Mercutio gives him and they went to the Capulet mansion. Romeo, who was overwhelmed by the effects of the drug and the party goes to the restroom. While admiring an aquarium, he sees Juliet. Tybalt saw Romeo and wants to attack and kill him for being there but Fulgencio stops him. Romeo and Juliet sneak into an elevator and kiss. Romeo and Juliet learn that they are enemies of each other's family. Mercutio takes Romeo from the party, but he sneaks back to the mansion, disregarding danger, hides under Juliet’s balcony. Juliet emerges into the yard and declares her love for him. The next day, Romeo visits Father Lawrence, telling him he wants to marry Juliet. He agrees to marry the pair. Romeo passes the word onto Juliet’s nurse and the lovers are married. The Capulet and Montague had an encounter which in the end left Mercutio and Tybalt dead. Prince banishes Romeo from the city. Romeo, hiding with Father Lawrence, said that he would rather die than be banished and not see Juliet anymore. The nurse tells Romeo that Juliet is waiting for him. At the Capulet mansion Juliet prays, knowing and is shocked by what had happened. When Romeo climbs over her balcony, she kisses him and they have sex. Fulgencio decides Juliet will marry Paris. The next morning, Romeo escapes the mansion as Juliet's

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