romeo and juliest (myspace) Essay

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Benny: Yo Marco lets go out? It’s oh dee hot, the cap crew signed on. If they hit me up, I’m spazzin on em. When it get hot they don’t know hoe to act. Marco: You just one of them dudes who fight for no reason Benny: I was never the type. Marco: Word to my Mom’s that’s exactly what you do. Benny : What you mean? Marco : Fight mad people for no reason say, “they was grilling me” no you just fight 4 no reason. Benny : If I m lying let god strike me. Marco: You got balls! Benny : Oh crap. Here comes the cap crew now. Marco : So. I don’t care . TYB : Let me talk to one of you Yo. You got something to say, say it. Marco : Pop off ! TYB : You chilling wit smoove????? TYB : Chill! What you think we are? SMD. Benny : Eee you ani’t thug, meet me at the spot. Marco : I ain’t going no where do you .here comes my dude.????? Marco : I ain’t ganna take this bull, he can he ain’t real TYB : Son ily but I can’t say this vana other wasy butyou mugg?? Rom : Cats, I ain’t even try to come at you, I;m out.????????? TYB : Boy, the damage been done none fight the aman.?????? Rom : You lie! I would never hurt you, Ily??? be I have a word to me. Now leave it be. Marco : Oh em eff gee wtf is wrong wit him! TYB, you African booty scratcher, you gonnnawalk away? TYB : Watch you gonna do? Marco : Cats, imme take lot you lives, then the next eight too, Now will you pull down your gun! Be I got an itchy trigger finger! TYB : Man, I’m here. Rom : Calm down Marco, put away your gun. Marco : Come on lets get it! Rom : Benny stop them. These fools! Cats, Marco, Hxc Royality been in his way we can’t be doing this. Stop Cats, my man ! Marco : Aww hell nah; Ya;il computers ganna get viruses! I’m down is he nothing? Benny : Nah are uyou hurt? Marco : No I just bleed. Dummy get a doc. SMITT???? Rom :

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