Romeo and Juilet Compare and Contrast Essay

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Tybalt and Benvolio both have very distinct roles in this play. They are can be can similar and different in some ways.I do believe that they are mostly opposites because one of the characteristics Tybalt expresses is being a troublemaker, and i believe Benvolio expresses the characteristic of being a peacemaker. Tybalt portrays himself as a troublemaker in many scenes. Tybalt starting trouble and definitely being in it.For example in Act 1 scene 2 Tybalt jumped in the between the servants of the Capulets and Montagues instead of trying to break it up. Another example of how tybalt is a trouble maker is in act one scene 5 Tybalt spots Romeo at a Capulet party. Furious at this invasion of Capulet territory, he wants to fight with Romeo right then and there. Also last but least in act 3 scene 1 where Tybalt expresses his troublemaking way the most when he was looking for trouble and wanted to fight romeo and romeo said he didn't wish to fight, Mercutio was taking up for romeo and Tybalt killed him. Benvolio on the other hand portrays himself as a peacemaker in so many ways in this play.He did not like seeing trouble and tried to stop it as much as possible and tried his best to keep the peace. First off His name, Benvolio, means well wishing, which is reflective of his character throughout the play.In the very first scene, Benvolio establishes himself as a peacemaker as he tries to stop the fight between the servants.Also in Act 3 scene 1 Benvolio warns that the Capulets are around looking to start a fight. The big difference between Benvolio and Tybalt is their temperaments. Benvolio is calm and sensible, whereas Tybalt is likely to flights of wrath. In Act I, Tybalt wants to continue the fight begun by the servants of the Capulet and Montague households, and Benvolio is trying his best to keep the peace. Because of this logical behavior, people, even the
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