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Rome vs. America Essay

  • Submitted by: afritz
  • on August 21, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Rome vs. America" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Economic: High taxation led to an increase in unemployment, expansion of military created a need for revenue to pay soldiers. Inflation, due to more coins being produced the value of the Roman currency to depreciate. Agricultural decline in food production lowered due to civil war and destruction of land.
Decline in Social Values: Many Romans believed their fellow citizens were losing their patriotism because of Roman war leaders’ decision to hire foreign mercenaries. The upper class was then devoting itself to luxury and self-interest instead of providing leaders like it had once done. Providing “bread and circuses” may have also undermined the self-reliance of the masses.
Military becomes weak: The most obvious reason behind the end of the Roman Empire was the Germanic invasions. It was successful because of the Roman legions’ lack of discipline and training. Rome also hired mercenaries who then turned on them.
Public Health Problems: Epidemic diseases swept the empire.
Political Corruption: The government became more oppressive and authoritarian, which led to the loss of support from the Roman people. There were frequent civil wars and the number of corrupt officials was getting higher. Dividing the empire during a time when it was being attacked greatly weakened the Roman government.

Economic: Unemployment is at a peak. Many are dependent upon the government. Printing money   is devaluing the dollar. Over taxation causes lower revenue compared to our spending.
Social: Everybody’s self interest is more important that their interest in their country. Individuality is lost. Freedom seems to be unimportant. Loss of patriotism is seen throughout the country.
Military becomes weak: Military will become weakened because of government cutbacks, lack of leadership, and general disinterest in the population. Military’s budget is decreased due to the funding of entitlement...

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