Rome Brute Analysis

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Michael Johnson HIS1020I1 Et tu' Brute? Rome was a republic. Its senatorsrepresented the interests of the citizens of the empire. It is also the greatest, and most extreme, example of how factions can destroy a form of government. In “The federalist papers” the tenth edition James Madison was warning the people of the burgeoning America that a strong federal republic instead of a true democracywas the best way to avoid government by lynch mob. According to Madison, Factionism was the death nail to many democratic governments prior to the formation of the United States of America (Madison). Madison proposed that a true democracy could never serve the best interests of the people at large because, man has an inherit desire…show more content…
In Rome the senators fractionized to assassinate Cesar againstthe will of the people to preserve the power of the Senate. They put their own interests ahead of those of the people they were supposed to serve. I have likened the death of Julius Cesar as an extreme example of what Madison was trying to impart to hisreadership. He was attempting to convey that in a true democracy it is impossible to stop a group with personal agendas that are contrary to the common good if they can muster a majority. In a government by republic, the representativesmust be accountable to the constituents they serve and therefore are less inclined to self-service and self indulgent political action. According to Madison, the only ways to defeat factioism are; remove liberty, establish uniformity of thinking, or prevent the interference of self interest. Madison wrote that removing liberty was like removing air simply because a fire needs it. He went further to say that as long as men have the ability to think for themselves then establishing a uniformity of thinking would be impossible. He resolved that the best way to combat the lynch mob mentality in politics was to have a representative body that is beholden to the people
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