Rome Essay

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Rome Thousands of footsteps of people walking on cobblestone are like the rhythm of a drum. I hear the sound of the metro screaming underground acting like an angry, trapped dragon. I listen to different languages all around me like the tongues of snakes. I notice the difference between the police sirens making it sound almost alien. The tour guides voice echoes through the quite hallway as she tells us the facts of a million things. The smell of millions of different spices and foods makes my stomach roar like an angry bear. Dry dust of the ancient bones of a once great city tickles my nose. I become aware of the sweat of the hard working gypsies. I gag at the pungent odor of the fresh remains of a carriage horse. I smell the shampoo as I wash off the day. I fear of touching the stones of the Coliseum as if it would break like shattered glass. I stroke the currency and compare the different textures. I splash my hand in the Fountain de Trevi as if it were my own pool. I feel the cold, marble walls of Vatican and wondered what it must be like to worship here. I caress the warm, silk bed sheets as close me eyes after the long, fulfilling day. The taste of snails brings salt that could satisfy all of the oceans. I eat the smashed legs of frogs which I notice tastes faintly familiar. I taste the flavor of gelatos that remind me of thick, creamy clouds floating lazily in the sky. The long, thin spaghetti in my plate reminds me of ivy hanging from trees. My tongue tastes the differences the Earth offers me when I go to the local market. I see the Coliseum at night light up with tons of stars making its appearance overwhelming. I observe with awe at the ceiling in the Vatican as it tells a story of its own. I glimpse at the Fountain de Trevi as it receives money full of hopes and dreams. I watch the

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