Romantism and Impressionism Essay

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Romanticism and Impressionism Institutional Affiliation Date Romanticism and Impressionism The period of Romanticism began in the late 18th century or the early 19th century. During this era, romantic attitude gradually surfaced in various pieces of art majorly in the Western civilization. The movement was known to have begun as a rebellious statement against the religious and social set up that existed during those times. The period of Romanticism in art defined creativity, individualism in art, irrationalism to some extent, imagination, nature, subjectivism, nature, as well as emotions. It was a movement that established the supremacy of individual’s sentiments over the human mind (Forney & Machlis, 2012). Coincidentally, the period brought radical changes in the society. This movement dominated the creative arena of the French art in general. Additionally, impressionism concentrated on the sheer influence of light in utter manifestation of the important field that is art. This movement derived its name from the famous painting of Claude Monet, popularly known as ‘Impression: Sunrise (Forney & Machlis, 2012).’ Since the two periods are very broad, this paper will focus particularly on romanticism music and impressionism music, critically evaluating the relationship between the two art periods as far as music is concerned. Description of Romanticism Music Music that touched the hearts of the people during the Romanticism period had several characteristics, some which are discussed below. The advent of this style of music was largely influenced by social conditions that included nationalism. Some artists wrote music that described their homeland, Smetana, for instance (Forney & Machlis, 2012). Attitudes of the people in this period also influenced the advent of Romanticism period. Characteristics Melody The melody of the Romanticism

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