Similarities Between Romanticism And Art

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The two art periods that I chose to write about are romanticism and renaissance. Even though both art periods originated in different time periods, they have some similarities and some differences. The Renaissance period originated in Florence Italy in the fourteenth century, the middle ages to the seventeenth century, where it spread to the rest of Europe. Whereas, the romanticism period began in Germany and England in the 1770’s, and by the 1820’s it swept through the rest of Europe, even to France all the way to the French Revolution. The renaissance and romanticism period differed on how they approached art. The renaissance period was influenced by literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, and religion. They focused on realism and human emotion that was more lifelike. Artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci and Donatello used painting to show human emotions.…show more content…
It involved politics of time, people’s fears, hopes, and aspirations. Romantics often mixed elements of nationalism. Romanticism, though the name of the period has romantic in the word. They were not just about love, but more about the intensity of feeling, how their mood was, and how the world was created and why it is the way that it is. Many art historians consider the Impressionist movement to be the successor to romanticism. Today, romanticism expresses itself through lyrical poetry and novelistic writing, as well as contemporary paintings, photography, and digital art. Today’s society has expanded its limits of expressiveness and intellect to reach further boundaries of contemplation and philosophy that can be found when observing such contemporaries, especially in postmodern literature. Romanticism is exemplified through examples of contemplation and observation, acceptance, and optimism
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