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ART DURING BRITISH ROMANTICISM Romantic artists used their art to portray their love and connection with nature. Their painting techniques generally encompass bright, vibrant colors, or paler and darker tones that do not provide contrast within the painting, but are rather blended and create a softer image. Many times, the immediate focus of the eye is drawn to some component of nature rather than the manmade aspects. Many times the painter’s brush strokes do not create precise lines, but are vague and provide a “blurred” perception. Although nature was an important concept of the Romantic era, there were other themes and emotions that many of the Romantic artists focused on. Emotions were expressed over reason and senses were expressed over intellect. This philosophy of portraying emotions and senses was primarily developed out of a disgust of the focus on reason during the Enlightenment, and wanted to bring art back to feelings and sentiments. They were intigued by moods, heroes, the inner struggles, the genius, the passion, the mysterious and unknown, the medieval, the exotic and even the "satanic". Rules and regulations were put aside and emotional and spiritual needs began to rule the movements of the brush. Some of the artists of this time include: • William Blake, • Joseph Mallord William turner, • William Hogarth, • Thomas Gainsborough, • Sir Joshua Reynolds, • Joseph Wright of derby, • John Constable, • George Stubs WILLIAM BLAKE Few of the works which has been illustrated by him are as follow. 1. Glad Day 2. Songs of Innocence (1789) 3. Songs of Experience(1794) 4. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell(1790-3) 5. America, a prophecy(1793) 6. Europe, a prophecy (1794) 7. Dante’s Divine Comedy 8. The Ancient of Days 9. Good and Evil Angels 10. Nebuchadnezza 11. Newton 12. The Book of Thel

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