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Romanticism was a movement in the arts that flourished in Europe and America between 1750 and 1870. It is a term that is loosely applied to the literary and artistic movements of the time. The term Romanticism was used in England in the 18th century and came to mean "Romantic-like" because it resembled medieval romances. The movement cannot be dated by one event in particular. People began to write, paint, compose, and build differently from the people before until all this activity could be identified as a movement. Characteristics of Romanticism include freedom of thought and expression, and imagination and idealization of nature. It tends to focus on the rights and privileges of the individual. Romanticism also provoked talk and writing on political issues and social causes as well. The French were the first to identify Romanticism with politics and art. I am going to discuss Romanticism focusing on the aspects of literature, art, and music. Before 1800 few writers thought of themselves or their contemporaries as romantic. The term had little to do with what today is called the English romantic movement. Because access to books by an expanded reading audience greatly increased in the late 18th century and because literature was less subject than painting, sculpture, and music, it was the earliest of the arts to show the spirit of romance, which was displayed differently in different nations. The roots of German romanticism lie in the Sturm and Drang, or Storm and Stress movement of the 1770s and 1780s. It included a group of young intellectuals such as Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, and J.G. von Herder. The revival of folk traditions, as important in painting and music as in literature, was exemplified in the ballads of G.A. Burger. The first generation of German romantics were known as the Fruhromantiker or "early romantics". They gathered in Berlin and later

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