Romantic Identity Essay

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In this essay I will be making a comparative analysis of my own life and work as an artist, with the life and work of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch; focusing my discussion on the ideals and motivations attributed to the romanticists. I have isolated four main characteristics of the romantic identity that directly influence my standing as an artist: Individuality, inspiration, self-expression and audience. I will begin with a discussion of Munch and his approach to his artistic practice in comparison to that of my own followed by a definition of what I consider to be the principle characteristics of the romantic identity. Throughout this discussion I will endevour to show how each of these characteristics is important to both Munch and myself in our identity as artists. There are as many differences as there are similarities between the life and work of Munch and myself. However it was in his way of conceptualizing the world around him that is of central importance to my own realization as an artist. His work is personalised and self-expressive and responds to the world around him both internally and externally. He is sourcing inspiration and externalising internal information in a very unique way like no other artist to come before him. He is not interested in a natural representation but rather an expression, or interpretation. His non- conventional approach to painting, the expressive and suggestive qualities of line, colour and perspective are a huge influence on my own work. So where do I align myself with Munch in terms of his unique and groundbreaking stamp on the history of Art? By no means am I seeking to illuminate a new approach or revolution in art practices. I wish only to use Munch as a comparison to show how is influence on the role of the artist has such a strong connection with how I identify myself as an artist. “Romanticism was a shift away

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