Romanovs And The Fall Of Russia Essay

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Michael Lieberman 1. Nicholas and Alexandra-An Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs and the Fall of Imperial Russia is a 1967 biography Gregory Rasputin -Siberian peasant monk who was religious advisor in the court of Nicholas II Bolsheviks- of or relating to Bolshevism Leon Trotsky-Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist Red army-first organized by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War in 1918. Whites-White color or pigment Checka -istory the secret police set up in 1917 by the Bolshevik 2. proletariat -The lowest class of citizens in ancient Rome soviet-An elected local, district commissar-A head of a government 3. what were the causes of the march revolution ? was vast, 125 million…show more content…
3. how did lenin make a compromises between the ideas of capitalism and communism. Why did he think that the compromise was necessaey? In 1921, Lenin touted his New Economic Policy (NEP) as a compromise recipe for postwar recovery. 4. what were the goals and results of stalkins fiver year plans? Stalin's five year plan concentrated on the development of iron and steel, machine-tools, electric power and transport. 5. what were the causes and effects of the great purge? The Great Purge is a term for a series of repressive measures in the Soviet Union in the late 1930s. 6. how did soviet foreign policy lead to difficult relations with the west? To heighten the urgency of his demands for modernization, Stalin portrayed the Western powers as warmongers eager to attack them. Pravda-a | 1. pravada – a Russian newspaper Alexandra Kollontai-A leading feminist in revolutionary Russia. Osip Mandelstam-Russian poet who died in a prison camp Anna akhmatova-was the pen name of the modernist poet Anna Mikhail Sholokhov-was of peasant birth, fought in the Civil
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