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The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty The Romanov family ruled the Russian empire for over 300 years until Tsar Alexander 3rd died in 1894 and was succeeded by his eldest son, Nicholas 2nd. Nicholas’ reign brought an end to autocratic rule in Russia due to a vast number of various disastrous incidents and major mistakes. Nicholas himself was totally unprepared to rule a country as his father had died much younger than he had predicted, before teaching his son how to rule. Nicholas’ choice of wife, Alexandra of Hesse, also proved to be a disastrous one as she was unpopular with the Russian people and also became heavily influenced by the questionable mystic Grigori Rasputin. It was also during Nicholas’ reign that World War 1 broke out leading to terrible economic conditions for the common Russian peasants at a time when the old monarchies of Europe were crumbling. World War 1 also saw Nicholas’ ill-fated decision to become commander in chief of the Russian army himself, thereby unwittingly setting himself up to take the blame for the mistakes and the severe losses. Altogether, due to the Tsar's incompetence and inability to be a leader the Romanov Dynasty came to a bloody end. Alexandra and Nicholas were actually 2nd cousins and had met in 1884, only to fall in love 5 years later when Alexandra had returned to Russia from her native Germany for 6 weeks. It was a great love match but met strong resistance from Nicholas’ fiercely anti-German parents. However as Alexander’s health went into decline he relented and after the old Tsars death the two wed. This, however, was the first strike against the new Tsarina as the people whispered “She comes to us behind a coffin”. It was from this morbid beginning that the Russian’s people’s hatred of Alexandra grew. She was described as curt and extremely cold by her subjects, although according to her and many other close friends,

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