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The Romance genre uses each person’s experiences with love, relationships and emotions as a way to make each Romance film more meaningful and emotive. In the film One Day (2011) Directed by Lone Schferig, Jeremy, a waitress, has to plan for her future, and later on becomes a successful author. Dexter, coming from a very rich background, does not have any plans for his future, sees different girls every day, and stays idle. There is a great contrast in characters with Emma and Dexter, their lives are completely different. In P.S. I love you (2007), Directed by Richard LaGravenese, the film-watcher is introduced to Gerry and Holly, a couple who are already married. They both work, but Gerry is more diligent than Holly. Gerry knows he is going to die, and plans everything for Holly before he passes. This is a technique of a romance film, the death of a character that the audience has become familiar with. A film is made up of a series of scenes. Each scene is composed of a grouping of shots, and each shot shows only a fragment of the complete action. In both of these films, they use extreme long shots for every scenic view. Beautiful views add more romance for each movie. Lots of scenes in romance films use medium shots, due to the dramatic, dialogue focus of romance films. In One Day, Emma usually goes swimming every week , while she’s swimming in the pool, the camera shot transitions from a medium shot to a close-up, focusing on the whole of Emma’s body and face. In P.S. I Love You, when Gerry sings a song for Holly in a pub, the camera shot changes from the view of a few people in the pub to a close-up of Gerry and Holly’s faces when he kisses her. Different kinds of shots can make the film interesting and realistic; shots are taken from different points of view and from different distances for dramatic and visual

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