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Roman Technology and Engineering Essay

  • Submitted by: mickey1lover
  • on May 20, 2013
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Roman Technology and Engineering
By: Erin Insley
HIS 103: World Civilization
Professor Steven Harn
May 12, 2013

Roman technology and engineering has lead us to some of the greatest things we have today, for instance, running water. The Romans lead the way when it came to engineering ways to get something from point A to point B. They are known for making the first roads as well. Roman technology and engineering founded most of what we make our building designs from, they used the minds of freemen to make their cities the best that they could be.

“At the end of the fourth century BC, the censor of Rome, Appius Cladius Caecus , constructed several important works of infrastructure that served as precursors for many more that followed.” (Aldrete, Gregory, 2004). He made the first paved road. It was a road that connected Rome to Southern Italy. This road was so well made that it lasted for hundreds of years. That has to say something about the engineering quality of the Romans. The Romans became very famous for their finely made roads.

The Romans inventing running water into a major city was another very impressive feat. They had constructed 11 aqueducts that carried water from the main source to the center of the city. Doing this made for a cleaner city, which gave them the sense of being mightier than other citizens because they were cleaner than the others (Casseel, C, 2005).   With the running water it allowed for more people to live in the city, which attributes to the major growth of the cities. For the Romans the invention of running water was their most famous invention. They showed how to carry water from the mountains to the cities and used it to clean the people and the filth of the city.

*Aldrete, Gregory S., Daily Life In The Roman City: Rome, Pompeii, And Ostia, 2005, Page 17
I used this book to gain insight on how the Roman’s grew and became to be known as such pioneers of technology and engineering....

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