Roman Mythology in Astronomy Essay

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How many Gods are there? One? Ha-ha, try hundreds. There are many religions, including Roman Mythology. The Roman Gods and Goddesses are such a big deal that even planets are named after them! Think Jupiter is just a place where you used to think stupid people were born? I seriously doubt Zeus would let them survive on his king-sized planet! In 800 B.C., the church was still the main factor over many thoughts and ideas that may have formed during that time period. That inspired the idea that the Earth was the first in our solar system, and that the Earth was created from nothingness. When the Earth was born, so was the goddess Terra. Terra has no definite image, and just like earth, was born from nothing. She was the first official Roman deity that was created and was the base for the other Gods and Goddesses, especially the eight mentioned above. Earth was the center of the Universe Terra controlled. Closest planet to the sun. Moons? I have none. Mercury, the first planet closest to the Earth, was named after the Roman God Mercury. Mercury was the youngest son of Jupiter (Zeus), and was named for the planet because of his speed. Mercury even at a young age was very fast, so when he grew up he was deemed the messenger of the gods. Mercury is currently the planet that orbits fastest around the Earth, which is what inspired the Gods. Carbon dioxide is what I have most, I’m so hot that you will toast. Venus is named after the Goddess of Love Aphrodite, or Venus. Venus is the brightest planet from our solar system, which is why it was dedicated to Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the only physical female goddess to have a planet named after her. Evidence of water you can see, lava is all over me. Mars, also known as the red planet, is named after the roman god Mars. Mars is known as the God of War which is why he was given the red planet. Mars is named for

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