Roman Empire vs. Han Dynasty

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Spenser Blake 09-10-12 Class: 6 The Han Dynasty vs. the Roman Empire: a comparison of their political, cultural, and economic issues. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were two of the most powerful entities to rule their respective parts of the world. The Han Dynasty ruled over a large expanse of Asia, while the Roman Empire ruled over much of Europe. Although it looked as if these empires were going strong, they eventually fell due to many factors including political, cultural, and economic issues. These great empires’ falls were similar in many ways, and also different in numerous ways. The Roman Empire and Han China were similar in their falls because they both crumbled from internal problems, such as their corrupt governments; however, their falls were different in that the Roman Empire fell from outside invasions while the Han Dynasty fell from an internal revolt of the Yellow Turbans. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire suffered from political issues in their declines. Both Empires had corrupt bureaucracies that led to their deteriorations. The Roman Empire’s major reason in why it failed politically is that the Empire was never able to find an effective way to pick the proceeding emperor resulting in the empire having crazy, profligate emperors. Because of this, the military stepped in, complicating things even more than they were before. The military would try to sell the throne to the highest bidder. This meant that the throne did not go to a person who could truly run the Empire, but went to a crazy, profligate man who just wanted to party and live an extravagant life. Meanwhile, in China they were suffering from similar political issues. In China their bureaucracy was corrupt. The central government had been completely diminished. China was mired with civil war and intrigue. Bureaucrats were becoming more corrupt, and local landlords ended
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