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Roman Empire Collapse Essay

  • Submitted by: neffrocks
  • on May 9, 2011
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‘Did the Roman Empire Collapse Due to Its Own Weight?

A controversial and interesting question:   Why did the Roman Empire fall?   Some believe the Roman Empire collapsed under its own weight and some believe it collapsed due to constant attacks and barbarian invasions were responsible.   My opinion, with limited knowledge, would be the Roman Empire fell because of internal and external problems.
One opinion as to why Rome collapsed was constant attacks by barbarians and other outside tribes.   I would imagine that if you ‘chip away’ at something, no matter how strong it is, it would eventually collapse.   I don’t think this is the sole reason for Rome’s demise, but I believe it played a large role.   For instance, if the USA was constantly being attacked, it would cause a lot of internal chaos and paranoia with American citizens thus causing all sorts of internal problems.   In addition, there would be all sorts of injuries, deaths, wreckage, etc.   The USA being attacked constantly may not be realistic today. It’s just a thought for comparison.
Economical failure may have played a large role in Rome’s collapse.   The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.   Again, I could see this causing all sorts of problems.   The poor are now ‘against’ the rich possibly causing civil war.   Is the USA following the same path?
One factor I never thought of was Christianity.   Edward Gibbon believed the rise of Christianity played a significant role in the fall of Rome.   All sorts of wars and problems seem to arise in the name of God or Allah or whoever.   Religion can be a very driving force.   Again, if Christianity was on the rise, non-Christians would not be accepted causing a division between the two which, eventually, could collapse an empire.
There are a number of other factors that could have contributed to Rome’s fall including agricultural problems due to changes in climate, manpower shortages due to lead poisoning from the city’s water pipes, slavery, and a host of...

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