Roman Emperor Hall of Fame. a Place for Octavian Augustus

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Dear Committee, Julius Caesar is usually credited for bringing down the Roman Republic, but it was Augustus who proclaimed the republic to be brought down. And although he did rule as an absolute ruler, and may even be considered a tyrant in his final years, he set precedents for other rulers in Rome, as well as expanding the empire to its height in some places, and even used some republican ideals throughout most of his reign. In that, he would deserve a place in the Roman emperor hall of fame. One factor that really set himself a part in the Roman emperor hall of fame is his several conquests that put the Roman empire at it’s greatest extent in some places. “He conquered Egypt during the early years of his reign, kept his armies busy in northern Spain, expanded across the Rhine river, and even conquered land along the banks of the Danube river. He also commissioned several generals to conquer Nubia, Arabia, and Mesopotamia. And although those three campaigns failed, it actually ended up promoting trade with said places.”- Augustus; by Garret G. Fagan. Putting an empire to its greatest extent is a sign of a Golden age, as well as promoting trade, and that’s one of the things that caused his reign to be a Golden age. Another factor that set him into the hall of fame was the precedent of “traditional borders” in the Roman empire. “After losing territory in Germany, Augustus decided to create new borders, which were stretched to the banks of the Rhine and Danube rivers.”- Augustus; by Garret G. Fagan. Although later emperors would try expanding beyond the Rhine and Danube, the lands behind the banks of those rivers would be considered truly Roman lands. The idea of “traditional” borders would last for a very long time, even in the Byzantne era. The final and most important factor that gives Augustus a place in the hall of fame was his appeal to the

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