Roman And Han Empire

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AP World History 9/29/10 In spite of the Roman and Han empires being both very successful empires in the Classical Era, their politics, technological advances, and social structure played important factors due to their success. Rome and Han politics had different ways of controlling their government. The Han government was based on Legalism principles. Legalism was very strict and gave out harsh penalties for minor crimes. It also included no principles governing nature. The reason they may have took on Legalism is because the Hans probably could not think of their own way of governing. The Romans on the other hand, had senates, consuls and elections. They even shared politics to the patricians and showed interest in the people. One similarity they did have was that they both knew that their central government or emperor could not rule the amount of land conquered in their empire. So they sent officials or subordinates to maintain different districts and lands. The social structure of Rome and Han were almost different from each other. In the Han social structure, the vast majority of the population was cultivators. In my opinion, cultivators are like the middle class of the social structure. The reason why they had so many cultivators was because their economy was probably doing very well. Also in their social structure, it was important that children obey parents all the time. A possible reason for this was because of the Legalism principles the Han Empire followed. Referring back to paragraph two, third sentence, the Han were very strict. So probably children had to be controlled by their parents so the whole family does not get punished. In the Roman social structure, the rich always built palatial houses and threw banquets. The poor had nothing and lived on the streets of Rome and said to be a huge problem. The poor were such a huge
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