Roman And Greek Culture Essay

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Kelsey Dreyer December 11, 2008 Mrs. Pilpe Final Draft A Change in Influence The Greek and Roman ways of thought, government, literature, and art influenced America and Western Europe in multiple ways. The religion of Christianity, Latin, myths, and Greek and Roman lifestyles are still thriving in the West. The basis of Greek and Roman government has inspired prominent politicians and forefathers of Western counties. The Republic, and many other honorable books, have set an example of democracy and freedom that are used today. Even the citizens of the newly found countries in the West strove to duplicate the courageous Romans. “The Roman patriot became the ideal citizen, the Roman tribune the guardian of man’s rights, the Roman general the most valiant of leaders” (Severy 13). The Greek and Roman ways of thought have been kept alive, even after their civilizations have died. When Europe was forming new nations, monks spread Christianity across the West (Mills 451). Today, Europe is built on the civilization of Rome, which was influenced by the Christian Church (Mills 453). Latin was the primary language of Greek and Roman literature and education (Mills 452). It was the most common language in Western Europe as well (Mills 452). The first universities established in Europe and America were conducted in Latin (Mills 452). It started to become known that only the wise and wealthy could attend universities because of the Latin factor. Finally, church services were also spoken and written in Latin. The lifestyles of Greeks and Romans were much like current culture in the West. Today, society tends to discourage privacy and shun ideas of spending time alone or resting. Greek and Rome had a very similar track of thought. Idiotes are people who lack the knowledge and social skills that mature individuals can be expected to posses
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