Rolw of Science in Life Essay

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He was nothing, quite an ordinary thing, of no importance at all. But he had a powerful but hidden tool. With the passage of time, he gradually discovered this tool, used it and turned into the most powerful creature of this planet. Who was he? Yes! This is the story of human being. And that tool used by him is “science”. The word science was derived from Latin word “scientia” (means knowledge). Science means to observe natural phenomenon occurring around us for collecting useful information and use these information for the benefit of mankind. It is regardless of the method adopted by someone. Human being of this era making researches in scientific fields with modern methods and machines and the man centuries before, observing nature and recording results, are same. Brief history of science: It is said that many centuries ago, man started his struggle in scientific field by the act of burning at such a time when he was even not familiar to the word science. As Aristotle said, “man is a thinking animal”. Thus man started thinking about things around him. He derived useful results from observations and started using them to make his life facilitated. It was beginning of science. Time kept on passing. As the result of struggle made by thousands of people in science, life on Earth reached the current state. No doubt science directed this journey at every step. Human beings of all times participated in development of science. Remarkable progress was made by Greeks. They discovered many things. Muslims scientists also worked in this field for five to six hundred years. They made great discoveries. For example Jabir Bin Hayan was a great scientist of chemistry. He discovered sulphuric acid as well as nitric acid. Ibn- al-Hythem made progress in optics. While Alberooni was a great geologist. How science affected daily life? Now-a-days although it is not

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